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What is the difference between a manager and a leader? We believe that great leaders possess a coaching mind-set and the skills to develop, support and inspire their team members. We help organisations build this coaching and mentoring capability internally, at management level. Our mission in Quiver Management is to place

Coaching at the heart of leadership

Over the last decade the majority of executive and business coaching has been delivered by external coaches for the lucky few, usually in senior leadership positions. It has proved a highly effective method for challenging and supporting senior leaders to develop and grow. There is however a huge untapped potential in spreading and embedding the coaching approach to the daily interactions between leaders and their team members as well as internal experts, such as HR, L&D, project managers etc., and their colleagues.

“Coaching” and “mentoring” have become well known terminologies in the workplace and many managers will claim that they ‘coach’ their staff. The reality, however, is that few leaders actually have the competencies and mind-set to do this effectively and few have received quality training in the ‘art’.

We provide a range of coaching and mentoring courses from 1-day courses to European Quality Award winning and internationally accredited coaching and mentoring training programmes to increase performance in the workplace. We would be happy to share examples of how this training has delivered tangible, positive results.

The benefits for leaders of being able to coach their teams effectively include:

  • Higher performance of team members
  • Better communication between leader and staff
  • Improved appraisal conversations
  • Better motivation and higher morale throughout the team
  • Greater empowerment of staff
  • Less dependence on the leader
  • Better balance between task and people orientation
  • Improved succession and talent development

We run all of these programmes as in-house courses, and also run a series of open courses across the UK.

NEW: Team coaching for managers 1-day course

Our newest coaching courses help managers to step up from 1:1 coaching sessions and enables them to use coaching to develop stronger higher performing teams.

We also provide CPD events and Coach Supervision for in-house coaches to support their ongoing development and safe practise in the organisation Read also about how we help organisations build a coaching culture.

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The training programmes include:


European Award winning qualification programmes designed specifically for leaders in organisations. This 2-month highly targeted coaching and mentoring training programmes is designed to be efficient, relevant and directly applicable to leaders’ work environment. The training courses are not designed to develop full-time professional coaches, but to inspire and enable leaders to use coaching to enhance their impact within their current roles. Our certificate training programme is accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), the leading professional body in Europe for coaching and mentoring.



This 1-day coaching training programme is designed for managers wishing to coach or mentor their staff or colleagues for improved performance and development. The programme can be customised to the client organisations culture, terminology and needs.

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We have now launched two 1-day Team Coaching training courses designed for managers trained as coaches, who want to take their coaching beyond 1:1 coaching conversations in order to coach their team for improved communication, relationships and performance.

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This is a flexible 8 – 12 months programme for coaches who have completed our Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring qualification course. They will have gained some coaching experience and now wish to further develop their professional practice. It is delivered in partnership with The OCM, a leading coaching school with courses run in London and Oxford. The programme is specifically designed for Quiver Management’s coaching alumni and provides accredited blended training and individual support to gain a coveted European Individual Accreditation (EIA) at Practitioner level.”

Please contact Jan Bowen-Nielsen jan@quivermanagement.com to get more details.


These short workshops form part of wider coaching training, mentoring training and culture change programmes. They prepare the recipients of coaching and mentoring for the change in style of their manager, helping them appreciate their own role and the benefits of the approach.


We offer bespoke skills development programmes to suit your development goals and budget. This also includes developing and delivering coaching and mentoring skills training elements of wider leadership development programmes.


We are running an increasing number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events for internal coaches and mentors for our corporate clients.

CPD Events


When you are a practicing coach or mentor it is very important for your professional credibility and safe practice that you get regular supervision, indeed it is part of the Global Code of Conduct for coaches and mentors. We offer individual and group coach supervision by our qualified coach supervisor. For more information and our current list of CPD events follow the link below.

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*The coaching and mentoring training programmes have been developed to fulfil the stringent international coaching and mentoring training standards of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), the leading professional body in Europe. Our Certificate and Diploma programmes hold the European Quality Awards as conferred by the EMCC. Leaders and professionals successfully completing one of these programmes will receive an internationally recognised coaching and mentoring qualification.

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