Focus your teams with our “Can do” events

Developing strategies is just the beginning of the journey to bring about change in your organisation. How you achieve those objectives depends to a large extent on the skills, knowledge and buy-in of your teams.

Our bespoke professional workshops, tailored to your specific objectives, will bring focus, motivation and direction to your teams, they’ll leave with clear collective goals that they can share and own.

We’ll apply a mix of practical, creative and challenging tasks along with a good balance of fun to secure real engagement from all participants.

Your team will move forward with optimism and alignment around next steps.

Typical workshop subjects include:

  • Creating Your Team Legacy
  • Developing Your Strategy
  • Implementing Change
  • Building a High-Performing Team


Prior to the workshop we will have a conversation to clarify what you want to achieve and gain an understanding of the wider context and the team dynamics involved.

Based on our conversation we will construct a detailed storyboard outlining the programme for the workshop including:

  • Clear goals for the event
  • Pre-workshop preparation
  • Venue requirements
  • Workshop timings
  • Outcomes expected from each section
  • How we will facilitate each section
  • Activities and exercises
  • Follow-up support

We will then prepare:

  • A draft email for the team leader to send to the team prior to the workshop, to help them prepare for the event and explain any pre-workshop reading or activities
  • Workshop activities and tailored programme content
  • Audio/visual content
  • Follow up supporting materials

Delivery and Follow-up

All of our facilitators are highly skilled in running workshops and engaging with participants. Please see our customer comments to read about their experiences of the workshops and courses that we deliver. Follow-up includes evaluation of the course content and learning to ensure the agreed goals are achieved.

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