Deliver on your goals with facilitated workshops

Bringing a team together in a workshop, be it for a half or full day, or even longer, is a huge investment of time and finances. It’s important therefore that it is managed well. This can be particularly challenging if the subject of the workshop is difficult or complex or participants are emotionally involved. This is when the skills of a professional facilitator come into their own, to ensure your people leave the workshop feeling positive and co-operative towards their team members..

Our professionally facilitated workshops bring focus, motivation and direction to help achieve your desired goals. To support the discussions we build-in a bespoke mix of practical, creative and challenging activities along with a good balance of fun to secure positive engagement from all participants

Why an externally facilitated workshop?

External facilitators bring highly valued expertise. They can manage complex team dynamics, deal with conflict and use appropriate tools and materials to bring a high level of participation and engagement from all participants. They are independent and are able to support and challenge the team with impartiality.

Our experienced facilitators are skilled in adding rigour, establishing ground rules and creating an environment where all participants feel consulted, included and at ease working with one another. This might be with team members of differing levels of seniority, allowing them to work together towards a common goal, a team of senior executives seeking to bring about change, or a board of directors reviewing their performance.

Whatever your goals, our workshops are carefully planned in close consultation with you and managed so that they stay on topic and aligned with the desired objectives and outcomes.

Your team will move forward with optimism and alignment around next steps.

Typical workshop subjects include:

  • Creating Your Team Legacy
  • Developing Your Strategy
  • Implementing Change
  • Building a High-Performing Team
  • Reviewing Board Performance


Prior to the workshop we will have a conversation to clarify what you want to achieve and gain an understanding of the wider context and the team dynamics involved.

Based on our conversation we will construct a detailed storyboard outlining the programme for the workshop including:

  • Clear goals for the event
  • Pre-workshop preparation
  • Venue requirements
  • Workshop timings
  • Outcomes expected from each section
  • How we will facilitate each section
  • Activities and exercises
  • Follow-up support

We will then prepare:

  • An email for the team leader to send to the team prior to the workshop, to help them prepare for the event and explain any pre-workshop reading or activities
  • Workshop activities and tailored programme content
  • Audio/visual content
  • Follow up supporting materials

Delivery and Follow-up

All of our facilitators are highly skilled in running workshops and engaging with groups of participants ranging from small teams of senior leaders to large staff workshops. Please see our customer comments to read about their experiences of the workshops and courses that we deliver. Follow-up includes evaluation of the course content and learning to ensure the agreed goals are achieved.

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