Ambitious organisational objectives can only be achieved if leaders are capable of developing and inspiring their teams to work cohesively towards their goals.

Coaching programmes go beyond individual development and magnify the power of coaching to achieve larger strategic objectives for the organisation.

We have extensive experience and expertise in setting up and managing coaching programmes to support strategic objectives such as

  • Using coaching to drive transformational change
  • Aligning coaching conversations to support organisational objectives
  • Building high performing teams
  • Creating coaching cultures
  • Developing organisational partnership
  • Introducing mentoring programmes

Supporting organisational objectives

Coaching is helpful for the individuals being coached and the personal development/support will benefit the organisation subsequently as the individual will perform better in their work environment. There is, however, an opportunity to enhance this impact further by aligning these many coaching conversations to support higher level ambitions in the organisation.

We have experience setting up, coordinating and managing a large number of coaches, external and internal, to:

  • Lift leadership capabilities across large groups of senior executives
  • Drive cultural change initiatives, challenging and supporting senior leaders to be role models
  • Improve customer orientation across a large internal service function
  • Improve collaboration and breaking down divisional and departmental silos
  • Align a wide range of functional leaders to support strategic growth objectives
  • Build high performing teams

The coaching programme can work alongside the change interventions driven by strategy consultants, trainers, HR advisors and process consultants, where the coaching conversations focus on driving the cultural and behavioural elements of the transformation.

The coaching conversations can:

  • Help align individual and organisational objectives
  • Provide clarity of individual contributions to organisational goals
  • Recognise own challenges in making transformation become reality
  • Challenge and support leaders as they go through personal change
  • Help leaders support their teams as they deal with change
  • Improve prioritisation
  • Identify and fill capability gaps
  • Accelerate cultural development
  • Enhance cross-departmental collaboration

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