Coaching the team as individuals is a very powerful approach for managers to develop their individual team members’ capabilities and performance. With the skills to coach their team as a whole team, the manager will be able to improve their team’s interpersonal dynamics, communication and performance.

However, team coaching is not an easy skill to master, even with good 1:1 coaching skills. The manager will need to deal with a much higher level of complexity including different personalities, relationships, styles and performance being in a room together. The manager will need to be able to facilitate self-learning conversations and observe interpersonal dynamics, while still being part of the team.

In this 1-day blended course we aim to develop the competence and confidence of team leaders and managers to facilitate effective team coaching conversations.
The course is designed for managers who have already received good quality coaching training, ideally having completed our Coaching Certificate qualification or as a minimum having attended our 1-day Coaching for Performance (or similar courses).

Note: An advanced 2nd day of Team Coaching training is currently under development and is planned to launch late 2020.

Course Content

  • Introduce delegates to team coaching, place, purpose and value.
  • Recognise the role, responsibilities and importance of teams and their development in contemporary organisations.
  • Appreciate the challenges and complexity of team coaching compared to coaching individuals
  • Understand core knowledge and practice around the team coaching process
  • Develop existing and new skills and behaviours for effective team coaching
  • Identify tools, techniques and approaches for effective team coaching
  • Practise how to coach a team using a team coaching process
  • Explore how to apply team coaching to own team for increased performance

Course Format

  • 2 hours of online pre-study on our Coaching Academy ahead of the 1-day workshop
  • Live virtual 1-day workshop split into 4 sessions (3 x 90 minutes and 1 x 45 minutes with good breaks in-between).
  • The training is interactive, fun and makes full use of breakout rooms, whiteboard and other Zoom technology.
  • The workshop focuses on helping you apply the theory and practise your skills through case story and role-play exercises.
  • A certificate will be available upon completion.

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