We use coaching approaches and techniques to help break down silos and to build effective, trusting partnerships within organisations and across organisational alliances.

Large organisations often suffer from “silos” where goals are not well-aligned or are conflicting; processes are ineffective and waste is widespread. The result is poor customer service and a feeling that the sum is less than its parts.

The picture becomes even more complex when processes are outsourced to one or more external bodies.

These arrangements are typically underpinned by formal service level agreements, and relationships are at best professional, and at worst adversarial. Rarely are they regarded as true partnerships. Effective end-to-end service delivery and cooperation across teams is critical to successful businesses.

In our experience, coaching supports a courageous examination of these relationships, and encourages mutual trust. What follows is a sharing of values and goals which serve as an invaluable foundation for an effective partnership.

We have licensed and developed a series of approaches and frameworks to enhance corporate partnerships. These include methodologies to assess capabilities and relationships, to engage organisations in change and to support senior management in breaking down “silos”.

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