Partners and senior leaders of high growth firms can only perform at their best if equipped with the skills and training needed to handle the specific leadership and management challenges they face.

We provide tailored coaching, mentoring, leadership and management training and qualifications for partners and managers in ambitious firms. We’ll start with an in-depth chat with you to find out about your firms and its specific challenges, so that we can recommend the best route forward in terms of leadership and management development interventions.

We know that those in middle to senior management roles face a multitude of challenges on a day-to-day basis whilst being accountable for driving motivation and achieving goals throughout their teams and the organisation. Often managers receive little or no training in the art of leading and managing people, and this has a detrimental impact on their ability to achieve the firm’s ambitions.

With high quality in-house training in coaching, mentoring and leadership, the business will see improvements in the performance of their partners, leaders and staff with a positive impact on growth, fee earnings and profitability.

We offer a range of in-house training programmes for professional services businesses, to help successfully drive growth and performance.

Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start with leadership and management development initiatives. We’re used to this conundrum, which is why we’ve developed our systematic Leadership Development Needs Analysis (DNA) approach.

If your business is looking to develop the leadership and management competencies of its senior and/or middle managers you may also qualify for our free, noobligation Leadership DNA offer.

Please contact us for more information and to discuss suitability for our free, no-obligation offer.

Our team has many decades of leadership and management development experience and expertise. We design and deliver development and change programmes that support organisational objectives and improve leadership, team and business performance.

Our end-to-end leadership and management development programmes include

  • Development Needs Analysis (DNA)
  • Development programme proposals
  • Design and preparation of training workshops and materials
  • Programme certification
  • Training workshop delivery
  • Tutoring and assignment support
  • Coaching to embed learning
  • Train-the-trainer workshops
  • Training programme evaluation

We have developed a range of high quality leadership and management training modules that we run as in-house programmes for partners and managers at all levels of the organisation.

See more about our 1-day leadership and management training courses.

Quiver Management is a specialist in coaching and mentoring training for leaders and professionals. Coaching and mentoring are key competencies of the 21st century leader. Coaching is an excellent driver to enhance the delivery of professional services and to add another income stream to the business. Our training is accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, the leading professional body in Europe.

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