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Challenge negative thought patterns

7 strategies to overcome negative thinking in your teams

Team dynamics are often complicated, so it’s not unusual to find your people aren’t....

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8 tips for navigating difficult conversations

8 tips to help you navigate difficult conversations

It’s human nature to want to avoid difficult conversations. Most of us prefer to....

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Emotional Intelligence, career trajectory

Can emotional intelligence fast track your professional career?

As a professional in your field, you’ll be all too familiar with the amount....

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Coaching – ‘soft and fluffy’ or much more profound?

Managers and leaders put a lot of time, effort and resources (including money) into....

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Dealing with uncertainty

Brexit, presidential elections, hurricanes and sterling under pressure – what next? It’s been an....

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Keeping your people onside during change

The challenges of creating sustained change. Like most people, you have probably made New....

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