Most people I have spoken to recently in business have said the same thing: ‘How is it the end of 2018 already?’ It seems like only moments ago that we were welcoming in 2018 and planning our goals for the New Year. So I started thinking about my client experiences this year and the topics that were most challenging in the workplace, and thought it might be helpful to share again the articles that these experiences sparked:

Read at your leisure and we hope you’ll be be inspired to make the changes you need.

Find out how to:

  1. Recognise ‘heat moments’ and why they are good for business. Great things can happen when you challenge your teams and push them just a little bit harder.
  2. Manage negative thought patterns in your team. It might have a bigger impact than you expect!
  3. Incorporate coaching skills into your everyday practice even if you are not a coach.
  4. Evaluate whether your teams are really following your lead. It could prove insightful!
  5. Get ahead in business. It’s essential to recognise where you are currently. Take stock of the here and now before moving forward.
  6. Take on challenges that are not too big, not too small, but just right. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, optimum performance can be achieved by following ‘The Goldilocks Principle’
  7. Evaluate the skills needed for a high performing FD – and it’s not just number crunching!
  8. Understand the difference between coaching, training and consulting before making a commitment to any of them. Choosing the correct development method for you is vital.
  9. Manage time effectively and prioritise. Keep calm and plan!
  10. Know when it’s best not to coach; 5 situations when alternative conversations are more appropriate.

I hope you find these articles useful to you in your quest to achieve better and greater goals in 2019. If you would like to talk further about improving performance, decision making, time management and a whole host of other workplace challenges, we’d be pleased to have a conversation, just get in touch.

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