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Increasing sales

54% sales increase in one month!

Lightblue UK – a case story Introduction Lightblue UK is a firm of IFAs....

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Don’t treat others, as you would like to be treated!

Have you wondered why connecting with some people is easier for you than connecting....

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Retirees – your most valuable assets lost forever?

With the ‘baby boom’ generation edging towards retirement age, organisations are being increasingly exposed....

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Don't go chasing lightbulb moments

Don’t go chasing light bulb moments!

I bumped into an old client recently who reminded me of a coaching session....

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Interview: 3 killer questions for Jan

Jason Butler of Finsol Systems interviewed Jan Bowen Nielsen recently to find out more....

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88% growth for Tungum – a case story

Introduction Tungum has supplied the hydraulic and pneumatic industries around the world with its....

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Stepping up without tripping up

What emerging leaders need to learn and how we can help them. Meet John,....

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360 Degree Feedback

Avoiding the pitfalls of unsuccessful 360 Degree feedback

There’s nothing new about 360 degree feedback – it’s been around for quite a while.....

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Coaching for organisational objectives – the missed opportunity

The use of internal and external coaches in organisations has grown beyond recognition in....

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