Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start with leadership and management development initiatives. You’re not alone if you’re not sure yourself! So we’ve developed a way to help review your training needs using our systematic Development Needs Analysis (DNA) approach.

One of our leadership development experts will conduct a review of your business’ goals and objectives and a series of interviews with senior leaders and other key people in the business to identify leadership development needs. Based on this we will provide a succinct report with our recommendations for development areas and delivery approach, including what you can expect in outcomes from the recommended activities.

If your business is looking to invest in bespoke in-house leadership development you may also qualify for our free, no-obligation Leadership DNA Consultancy service.


DNA Client Feedback

“The Training Needs Analysis process has worked very well for the team at Capital. The initial approach of engaging one to one with each person to identify key issues and roadblocks and then work collaboratively to find a series of solutions through one to one coaching has been a game changer for us. Our team is fairly eclectic with different ideas, outlooks and personalities. However, Peter has been able to work with every one of us and leave each team member with a positive outcome and clear plan of action.

I have really enjoyed the process of working with Pete. He has one of the most valuable and yet rare skills in modern business – he listens! He takes the thoughts and ideas running around in my ‘monkey mind’ and calmly interprets them in his quiet assuming way. We then collaboratively shape them into a sensible structure to remove problems that have been keeping me stuck. Pete has been super helpful for me as a source of wise counsel and creative wisdom.”

Alan Smith | CEO of Capital Asset Management Ltd (CAM)

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