What do you get when you combine a dozen smarty-pants, five sweet-talkers and 17 chairs? A room full of people sitting.

Okay, maybe you’ll get a great conversation out of it. But does that make this a good business model? Of course not.

Leadership development is a crucial part of any business that doesn’t profit from a group of sitting ducks. With effective leadership training and business coaching programs, your business can gain momentum that’s actually sustainable. Here’s how:

1. Sculpting Your Vision

Often, the greatest obstacle for business owners is the fine print – the “little things”. Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you: The little things are the big things. And if they’re not right now, they will be very soon. Your vision is the meat of your business. It’s the stuff that makes it worth all the hassle– it’s what you’re trying to accomplish. But your vision needs a backbone: It needs support. It needs the fine print.

This is where some business coaching might come in handy. Developing strategies and tools for facing obstacles will create space for you to take your vision one step further, rather than being bogged down by the nuts and bolts. This kind of guidance is empowering, arming you with a solid and sustainable foundation.

2. Opening Doors for Communication

Executive leaders play a leading role in the success of any business, but their teams often find them distanced. Training executives to be effective leaders means bridging that gap between upper management and their teams. When good communication starts at the top, your team is equipped with a sense of support and source of motivation.

This is when a little leadership training goes a long way: It’s a ripple effect. So much of effective leadership is example. Senior leaders have the power to initiate. When executives open the doors for communication, they are inviting every player to bring out his talents and contribute.

3. Building Ambitious Teams

Teamwork is arguably the make-or-break-it of a successful business and its projects. And a strong team is a sign of effective leadership and good team development in action.

Encouraging teamwork is probably as simple as it sounds. We’ve been hearing “play nice” since childhood, after all. But it’s astonishing how easily we forget the power of working together.

Teamwork-oriented leaders bring people together around a shared vision. Cooperation fosters new ideas, trust, morale and ambition. Building a strong team is an investment that pays off time and again. Teamwork is sustainable, as cooperation stands a better chance against animosity than lone wolves. Ambition is the fuel that keeps a business moving forward against all odds. Put the two together–teamwork and ambition–and you have a slow-burning fire of a business.

Leadership will manifest itself in all aspects of your business, from the highest-level employee to the unwritten rule. The question is, will it be good leadership you’re fostering, and will you know it when you see it?

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