Mentoring is becoming an essential skill set for experts to help them effectively transfer their skills and develop the performance of their colleagues. The experts may or may not have formal management roles, but they are typically highly competent in their field be it in technical, project management, sales, communication or other areas.

With good mentoring the expert will develop the capability of staff, improve their technical performance, help them think more effectively and empower them to be confident and competent in their decision making. The mentoring will reduce dependency on the existing expert allowing them to take on new roles, it will support succession planning and motivate staff.

Quiver Management is a triple European Quality Award winning specialist in training partners,associates and managers to mentor.

The course participants will learn:

  • The benefits of using mentoring
  • How to use mentoring to improve performance and change behaviours (and when not to)
  • Constructive listening techniques for improved understanding
  • High quality questioning to increase awareness and create progress
  • How adults learn and how to use this insight in their conversations with colleagues
  • How to build strong rapport and relationships
  • How to structure effective mentoring and development conversations
  • How to provide developmental feedback for increased understanding, motivation,¬†development and performance

The training workshop will be interactive and practical; mixing theory with conversation exercises. The participants will also receive a course workbook with descriptions of the models and techniques shared during the workshop.

We also offer 2-months and 6-months programmes, leading to internationally recognised mentoring and coaching qualifications.

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