This one-day intensive workshop is designed specifically for lawyers in law practices and operating as in-house lawyers. It will show how you can use powerful interpersonal skills and techniques, used by professional coaches, to improve your clients’ and your understanding of their personal and business goals and motivation. They will help you connect with your clients (or colleagues) on a deeper rational and emotional level and build strong rapport and trusted relationships.

Technical expertise, knowledge and experience will arguably only take you so far. Developed interpersonal skills can make the difference between a good lawyer and a great lawyer with a strong client base (and influence as General Counsel). The deeper client and colleague relationships and understanding of their needs will often reveal more opportunities for you to help your clients and they will also be more willing to engage with you as their trusted adviser.

The course participants will learn

  • The benefits of using coaching conversation techniques as a lawyer
  • Purposeful listening and observation techniques for improved understanding of your clients’ views, perceptions and reality
  • High quality questioning to help increase the clients’ self-awareness and facilitate their thinking and decision making
  • How to uncover clients’ personal and business goals and deeper motivations
  • How to build strong rapport and relationships with your clients
  • How to use the increased understanding and deeper rapport to advice and support your clients more effectively

The training workshop is interactive and practical; mixing theory with conversation exercises. The participants will also receive a course workbook with descriptions of the models and techniques shared during the workshop.

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