Hello Pete. Welcome to the Quiver Management team of coaches and trainers.

You are a very experienced learning and development expert. Could you tell us a bit more about your background?

“I’ve always been in training and development. My tutors at university had a private consultancy in organisational development and they taught me to be a radical. Their input, and my work, have taught me that good intentions founder where people feel solutions are being imposed on them. Yet where people are actively engaged in their design and implementation, they flourish.

“Since then, I’ve worked in-house and in private consultancy for many years, and have worked in the UK, Europe and North America. In that time I have encountered a number of learning, development and performance issues that are likely to occur in any organisation. Yet each organisation is itself unique.”

What is your approach?

“What I like to do is find creative innovative ways of helping organisations to effect the changes that they want in their people.

“My approach is founded on diagnosis. The better I can understand what a client is asking for and why, the better I will be able to help. I believe the critical element in the learning cycle is defining the need.

“In pure training terms, Training Needs Analysis (TNA) defines needs in terms of Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes. Providing knowledge is a relatively easy process. You can tell them what they need to know, but they still might fail to use it. Developing people’s skills is likely to be more complex, as a great deal of help and support is usually needed to attain mastery. Consideration therefore needs to be given to the processes required to build confidence and competence. Changing attitudes is even more complex and links directly to the culture and reward systems of a business. In my view, each and every attempt to improve people’s performance needs to be managed as a mini change project.”

When are you at your best?

“I enjoy helping individuals, teams and organisations to see where performance can be enhanced. I am at my best when a client is looking for help and advice to craft a unique solution tailored to their needs, or when a client has implemented a solution that has not worked out and they need to reconsider.”

What principles guide your approach?

“I never want to offer a client my solution. Once I understand them, their need and the business context I will share my knowledge and experience to find effective ways of helping them to achieve their desired outcomes.

“I’m a questioner, an analyst and a true consultant. I know that I won’t have a magic potion to fix things, but I believe that the people in the organisation do know how to change things for the better.

“At the core of my approach is the intent to energise individuals to address what is frustrating them, and preventing them from achieving optimum performance and, from that, to identify and own the way forward.

“My mission is to enable learning, growth and constructive change.”

How do people contact you Pete?

“If you would like to discuss your leadership and management training needs you can contact me directly on 07973 542038 or by email peter.harvey@quivermanagement.com.”

Thank you for your time Pete.

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