Quiver Management is delighted to welcome another new top-level business coach to the team, in the form of Jane Bromley.

Jane brings to Quiver Management more than 20 years business experience, having advised the boards and management teams of Fortune 500, FTSE 100 and medium sized companies including Hewlett Packard, Merck, Npower and Microsoft. She specialises in delivering fast consistent growth and has guided businesses worldwide to reach the front of their market. She has increased profitable revenue by £10s of millions several times over.

Jane has two primary focuses as a coach. Firstly, business leaders in companies with revenue above £30m that are determined to grow fast, with dreams of transforming their market but who are struggling to gain traction. Secondly, high tech companies. Having said that, she’s also worked in energy, pharmaceutical, training, tourism, financial services software, creative design agencies, a kitchen business and more.

Jane has a host of educational and professional qualifications, including from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Coaching Academy and Cranfield University.

She runs her own consultancy and is also an internationally-renowned keynote speaker, as well as blogging and writing guest posts which inspire and challenge management teams in equal measure. She has a reputation for her total commitment to results.

You can contact Jane directly on +44 7876 35 35 35.

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