Strategy in today’s competitive and fast-changing landscape is moving away from just strategic planning to more of ‘strategic thinking’, in order to respond more effectively and quickly to changes. This 1-day workshop for practising and aspiring senior managers will increase the participants’ confidence and ability to operate and think at a strategic level.

The course participants will learn about

  • The importance and application of strategic, critical and creative thinking
  • Strategic thinking tools and processes
  • Critical thinking tools for analysing and questioning the status quo
  • Creative Thinking for generating new opportunities and solutions
  • Strategic business models and strategic analysis tools
  • Barriers to strategic thinking and how to overcome them
  • Strategic Analysis Tools

Within the programme we will often include a presentation by the client organisation’s senior management about past, present and future strategic decisions. It is also possible to include a strategic thinking exercise to look at a particular strategic challenge facing the client organisation at this point in time.

The training workshop will be interactive and practical; mixing theory with conversation exercises. The participants will also receive a course workbook with descriptions of the models and techniques shared during the workshop.

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