When staff are unhappy and feeling under too much pressure at work or outside of work, they are more likely to suffer from stress and other health disorders. This is detrimental for both the individual’s wellbeing as well as the company as a whole i.e. productivity drops, sickness absence goes up and mental health problems increases.

This one-day course will help managers care for their own wellbeing and help others to maintain theirs.

At the end of the workshop the participants will be able to:

  • Explain the difference between pressure and stress
  • Name the five forms of pressure identified by the Health and Safety Executive
  • Identify their own ‘early warning signs’ and indicators of high pressure levels
  • Describe the things that they can do to enhance and strengthen their own wellbeing
  • Explain how a leader’s emotional intelligence can help reduce stress related sickness absence
  • Recognise early warning signs in their staff
  • Understand the importance of Financial Wellbeing and the manager’s role in helping staff address financial well-being issues*
  • Manage stress related issues in accordance with the HSE Stress Management Standards
  • Produce a Personal Action Plan

*The Financial Wellbeing element is a unique aspect to our course. One of the biggest enemies of our general wellbeing is stress; and one of the biggest causes of stress is concern about money. The Financial Wellbeing part of our course is based on Chris Budd’s book “The Financial Wellbeing Book: Creating Financial Peace of Mind” released in May 2016.

The training workshop will be interactive and practical; mixing theory with conversation exercises. The participants will also receive a course workbook with descriptions of the models and techniques shared during the workshop.


  • A half-day version of this workshop is available for front-line staff, helping them identify own warning signs and strengthen their own wellbeing.
  • Also available is a 1-hour workshop with the author and financial expert Chris Budd himself, helping the course participants consider their own financial wellbeing and sharing some practical tools to take control of their own finances. This can be delivered as a stand-alone short workshop, or as part of the and full-day and half-day Managing Wellbeing workshops.

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