Forming and leading high-performing teams is one of the most complex challenges facing any leader.

Success in today’s work world is more about team than individual performance. A team is more than just a group of managers and colleagues, located together, doing their jobs. Real teams are interdependent and they must rely on one another to get the job done.

The trainer will together with the delegates explore what characterises high performing teams and their journeys towards becoming high performing. We will look at how to form new teams, manage different personalities and how to get them to work effectively together. We will also look at the team leader’s own role and how it develops over time as the team matures.

The workshop will be highly interactive with case stories, exercises and discussions.


  • Team or group?
  • Characteristics of high performing teams
  • The journey towards high performing
  • The leader’s changing roles
  • Getting the most out of your team
  • Decision making in teams
  • Team development activities
  • Managing “difficult” team members
  • Measuring team performance

The training workshop will be interactive and practical; mixing theory with discussions and exercises. The participants will also receive a course workbook with descriptions of the models and techniques shared during the workshop.

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