This one-day training course is designed to help you explore and understand issues around assertiveness. It is a practical assertiveness training course, which will leave the participants feeling more confident in their ability to handle others, and feeling better about themselves. It will help participants overcome the guilt or anxiety often experienced when people need to be tough, say ‘No’ or exert their authority. The idea is to feel better about saying ‘no’ without having to change who you are.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain what assertiveness is, in comparison to other attitudes and behaviours
  • Describe what 21st Century assertiveness looks and sounds like
  • Explain what can cause us to deploy non-assertive behaviours
  • Use a combination of assertiveness techniques
  • Gain increased respect and influence from others
  • Handle challenging encounters more effectively whilst experiencing less guilt or stress
  • Demonstrate the learning gained by handling simulated scenarios
  • Produce a personal action plan based on the insights they have gained over the day

The morning provides participants with the knowledge required to be assertive, the afternoon builds the needed attitude and then practice the techniques and skills.

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