We are proud to announce that we are now an approved provider of The Institute of Leadership & Management accredited development programmes.

The Institute of Leadership & Management is a highly regarded professional body with an active community of over 40,000 leaders and managers. Since 1947 they have carried out extensive research into the knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours and values of great leadership. As thought leaders, they use their expertise to continually raise standards and to help others develop and grow. They are the leaders in leadership!

Learners will have access to a Studying Membership of The Institute of Leadership & Management for 1 year with access to The Institute’s unique, curated library of online leadership development resources via its award-winning e-learning tool MyLeadership. Upon successful completion of the training programme learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Institute, and automatic upgrade to Professional Membership, including postnominal letters and digital credentials.

Accreditation confirms that our programme has been independently verified as world-class and meets the evidence-based standards of their 5 Dimensions of Leadership: Authenticity, Vision, Achievement, Ownership and Collaboration. As well as highlighting our commitment to professionalising the role of the manager/leader and investing in enhance leadership capability.

We have two approved leadership development programmes which can be tailored to your leaders’ needs and challenges.

Leading Together

  • The aim is to give junior and middle managers a shared set of core leadership and management skills, to enable them to lead more effectively within their organisational and business environment.
  • It is a blended programme with 72 hours of guided learning hours spread across a period – typically between 6 months and 2 years.
  • Approximately half the learning hours will be trainer-led workshop sessions with the other half spend on self-study and learning activities related to the subject matter.
  • The learners will have access to online learning materials for self-study and as reminders of the tools shared during the workshop.
  • The programme is designed to be delivered with either virtual and in-person workshops – or a mix of these.
  • The leadership / management subjects covered will be agreed with the client organisation under three headings (1) Leading Yourself, (2) Leading Your Team and (3) Leading Your Business

Leading and Enabling Change

closeup shot of business people hands using pen while taking notes on education training during business seminar at modern conference room

The aim is to give junior, middle and senior managers a range of coaching, management and leadership knowledge and skills, to enable them to lead and enable change effectively.

  • Our “Leading and Enabling Change” programme is accredited by the Institute
  • The aim is to give the junior, middle and senior managers a range coaching, management and leadership understanding and skills, to enable them to lead and enable change effectively within their organisational and business environment
  • It contains a minimum of 24 hours of guided learning, with the majority being trainer led workshop sessions delivered in-person or virtually complemented with online materials from our Quiver Management Online Academy.
  • The training is spread over a period agreed with the client organisation and may be a mix of full days and part-day sessions.
  • Post-workshop activities are build into the programme to embed the learning and new skills in the participant’s working environment.
  • Subjects include: Leading change, coaching through change, motivating performance and developing high performing teams.

Fully bespoke programmes

We can also design fully bespoke leadership development programmes and submit these to the Institute for Leadership & Management for accreditation.

We will start by understanding your development goals for your leaders and your business ambitions and challenges before proposing a leadership development journey.

We pride ourselves on creating practical effective blended learning experiences involving an inspiring mix of workshop training, online study and learning support, individual coaching, as well a practical activities in the work environment, which reinforces the learning and creates a positive immediate impact for the business, teams and individuals.

For more information contact Jan Bowen-Nielsen

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