Three key topics came to the fore during 2019 – Change, Growth and Leadership. Preparing for a Brexit that didn’t happen kept us all on our toes, whilst leading through periods of growth and change proved to be rich learning grounds for executive development.

With this in mind, I have put together my pick of the best articles this year, which, at a time when many of us have the opportunity to pause and reflect, may prove helpful to you when making business and development plans for 2020.

  1. Turn Perpetual White Waters of Change into Continuous Growth – this is part one of a two part article which allows us to delve deep into the impact of change on employees. Whilst many of us approach change management as an ad hoc project, the article reflects on the reality that change is (and indeed should be) constantly happening. Management style should aim to recognise the individual impact on employees and proactively turn the situation to advantage.
  2. Leading Through the White Waters of Change is part 2 of the above article. With an understanding of how change impacts employees, author Nick Howell takes us through the strategies needed to lead individuals and teams so they approach change as an opportunity for continuous growth and renewal.
  3. Skilled Financial Coaching – it’s a game changer – one of our most popular articles of the year, our guest contributor Anthony Villis, MD of First Wealth, writes candidly about the impact that building a coaching culture into his financial planning practice made to his firm. By transferring skills he learned on the Quiver Management Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring programme to his team, client meetings were transformed, putting clients’ needs, dreams and wishes before advice every time.
  4. Do Your Numbers Stack Up for Growth? – Another guest article, this one is from our friends at Tectona Partnership, who advise business owners on financial aspects of their business. MD Mark Nicholls shares his vision that all businesses should have clear financial plans, with contingencies for the unknown, and have the tools available to make sound financial decisions. This article is an opportunity for you to stop and consider if you have all the right parameters in place to make your business growth ready.
  5. Leaders Are You Truly Influential? In the summer, we focused on the six principles of influence and how they can be applied to help leaders understand what motivates individual team members, and how best engage with them to promote better thinking and actions. Our infographic is an excellent quick reference tool.
  6. Stop Preparing So Much! – Finally, this is one of my favourite articles of the year, as it’s actually advocating that we do less work! While many of us worry too much about first client meetings, and tend to over prepare as a result, this article advises against too much preparation. Look at first meetings as an opportunity to learn, to ask questions, and give your clients the chance to talk. If clients feel listened to, and understood, then they will be happy.

These articles are my personal favourites for 2019 but you can view the entire collection here.

Whatever your plans for 2020, I hope you find our thoughts and articles from guest experts, as well as the blogs from our coaches, provide you with some of the tips and guidance you need to drive your business forward.

If you would like a conversation at all, please do get in touch. I’d be very happy to hear from you.

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