We are proud to announce that we are now able to offer the DiSC behavioural profile system to our customers. The tool will be available to support our coaching clients, for team development and as part of our leadership training modules.

80 years of research

The method behind the assessment has been developed and refined since 1928, when renowned psychologist William Marston first identified his theory of human behaviour.
The Everything DiSC system is the most popular and successful behavioural learning instrument available, used by leading businesses the world over to improve performance.

Understanding yourself

The DiSC profile helps you develop greater self-awareness, understand what motivates you and how you prioritise and, importantly, how your behaviour might be perceived by others.

Understanding others
Understanding the unique priorities and motivations of team members, employees and customers allows us to adapt our communication and approach to improve our impact on people around us.

More effective leadership

Together this high level of self-awareness and greater understanding of what drives others results in improved relationships, more effective team contribution and clearer communication. All of which delivers a higher level of personal performance both from the leader and by motivating team members more effectively.

Working with team dynamics

When the DiSC profile is taken by a whole team it enables discussions to take place around team dynamics, relationships, communication, conflict, decision making processes etc. Instead of differences leading to conflicts the team can start to look at leveraging diversity, and together look at how their combined profile will give strengths to the team in some areas. The profile may also highlight potential weaknesses in other areas if it is not diverse enough!

Certified Partnership

Quiver Management is now a partner with Everything DiSC and Jan has become a Certified Trainer of the EverythingDiSC system. The rest of the QM team will also be trained in the system over the next months.

Advanced toolset

Everything DiSC provides a very advanced online toolset. The test itself takes just 20 minutes per team member, each of whom will get a detailed report about their own profile and characteristics, as well as detailed information about strategies they can employe to work more effectively with other personality types. When a whole team takes the profile, we can provide combined group culture reports. In addition we can also offer a brand new online system which allows each individual to access a number of tools to help them use the information in their work place including comparison reports with other team members.

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