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We’re renowned for excellence in executive and business coaching of senior leaders, leadership development and coaching training

What makes it such a force for change?

The world in which we work is full of ambitious leaders who understand that there’s no time to stand still. There is an urgency to progress, pressure to grow, develop and achieve more. Yet despite our best efforts, managing change, achieving our objectives and making the best of opportunities is much easier said than done.

At Quiver Management, we’re about facilitating change and growth, working with you to find a way forward so that the ambitions you hold for yourself and the business are achieved. We work on an individual, team and organisational level, to develop the leadership capabilities needed to drive change and inspire teams.

Experienced business leaders

We’re not here to offer fluffy words of support. We are experienced business leaders, who understand that you work at the sharp end of the business and don’t have time to hang around. In fact, we expect you’d prefer to have reached the results you’re seeking yesterday! If you share these thoughts, it’s highly likely that we can work well together.

As you look around this website, you’ll see that there are many ways we tailor our coaching, training and support for CEO’s, their senior managers and teams. If you’re pressed for time we’d be pleased to start with a no obligation conversation to establish the most effective way that we can help.

High quality training

We offer a range of virtual, in-person and online blended leadership, coaching and specialist training courses ranging from short training workshops to year-long programmes accredited by the highly respected professional bodies, The European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), The Institute of Leadership and the Institute for Financial Wellbeing.

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If you would like to learn more about our approach, please call our Director, Jan Bowen-Nielsen on 07732 786 456, or email jan@quivermanagement.co.uk.

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