Quiver Management

Turn perpetual white waters of change into continuous growth

The pace of change is increasing, as evident in any organisation. The idea of....

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Coaching questions

10 questions good coaching managers ask

A good coaching manager is focused on helping their team solve their own challenges,....

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Best of 2018: thought leading articles addressing your most challenging issues

Most people I have spoken to recently in business have said the same thing:....

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Coaching, training, consultancy

Coaching, training, consulting… what’s the difference?

You’ll no doubt be familiar with all of the above as well as counselling,....

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Jan Bowen-Nielsen

5 situations when it’s best NOT to coach

Coaching is a fantastic approach to support your colleagues and clients, as you help....

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Coaching supervision

Why coaches need coaching too

It’s heartening to see an increasing number of organisations embracing coaching and embedding it....

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